What are nodular iron milling rolls?

At first glance milling rolls are unassuming

Milling rolls are an essential part of industry and the manufacturing process. In quick summary, milling rolls shape everything from small metal piping for plumbing systems to the large steel girders used in the construction of most modern buildings.

At American Roll Group we specialize in the production and distribution of nodular iron milling rolls. Assuring that roll milling plants follow proper safety and manufacturing processes gaurantees that our customers only recieve the best products.


Our Business isn't just domestic

Why think small when you can think big

At American Roll Group we spend a lot of time making sure that we do not limit ourselves. In thinking big we are assuring the future of the steel industry not just on a local scale but also on a worldwide scale.


Modern Technology improves quality

Too many companies out there are looking to cut corners

In today’s world there are still many companies that cut corners in terms of quality and safety in order to maximize their profits. In our company, safety and product quality is our number one concern, and we are always actively looking to improve how our products are produced whether that is through physical inspection, better business practices, or innovations in technology.


American Roll Group

At American Roll Group we strive to employ team members who are experts in more than one field of business and engineering.

Financial Expertise

Between all our team we have of 50 years of domestic and international experience.


Proper communication between both sides of a deal is of the utmost importance to us.

Current Technologies

We are actively employ current and new technologies in the steel industry to provide the best service.


We are not a stationary company. If you need us on site we'll be there.

Paper Work

International business can require a great deal of paperwork. Our years of experience make this process simple and efficient.

Safety and Security

We employ every method possible to assure that all procedures are properly followed.